What are they thinking, and doing?

Marketing performs well when we know how customers think and behave. When we understand our customer’s psychology, we can do work that best meets their needs and leads to increased brand exposure and sales.

When we do not know where the customer’s head is, there is always a disconnect between what we create and what the customer wants.

Ultimately, the brand is telling stories and creating content that has nothing to do with the stories that the customers care about. The result is that customers do not listen and engage with our work because it does not fit their mental world.

Our brain is incredibly powerful. Every second it processes millions of data unconsciously.

We do not have to think about breathing, how to talk, blink, or pick up a fork to eat food off of a plate. We do it automatically.

Imagine how inefficient we would all be if we had to think about how to do things like string a sentence together or turn our heads when a friend points something out to us. Our brain makes it easy for us to perform these actions instantaneously.

Anything that requires conscious thinking is usually uncomfortable and takes time. We only want to do it if necessary, like figuring out what to say for an important speech at a friend’s wedding—or psyching ourselves up to run five miles three times a week to get fit. All the other times, we need to function without thinking about it.

Now our customers have the exact requirement when it comes to content. They want to feel like brands care about what they need in an instant. They certainly do not want to take the time to figure it out. So, it should take milliseconds for them to decide that we genuinely care, or else they swipe.

Fortunately, social media provides the perfect arena for us to figure out what our customer wants. We can see the content our customers like, comment on and share. It is in plain sight.

Moreover, once we understand our customers’ preferences, we can marry these to our brand’s unique personality and values and create something new yet relevant.

Something in the message or the delivery is not working if we do not get the social media exposure we expect. There is a disconnect.

To repair the disconnect, we must create content from the heart that helps customers instantly recognise that we understand what they want and expect from us. A connection is achieved when we know what are they thinking and doing.

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