What stories should you tell?

There probably doesn’t exist a content creator who hasn’t told you that storytelling is a big thing. And, if you want to know how to tell a good story, there’s plenty been said on that too. Which means, as you may have guessed, I will not be saying much of what’s already been well said. I will, however, before I continue, recommend some of my book collection that will aid you in learning to tell a good story. They are all clickable links if you would like to get a copy.


These are the digital books I have on my kindle that is within reach. I own more books that are sat on my bookshelf upstairs, but I am not going upstairs. 

Ooh, and just to brag a little, moments ago, I stopped writing to purchase Roget’s International Thesaurus, 8th Edition and Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases in hardcover; my thesauruses have to be hardcovers. 

You see, I got a bit excited writing that list and realised that the thesaurus I’ve had since I was 18, about 25 years now, is falling off its hardcover. So I bought not one but two new ones – very logical, I think you’ll agree.

What stories should you tell?

Anyways even without sharing the other storytelling books on my shelf, these will do you fine. Learn the basics, and then you can trash it all. Yes, you’ve got to learn the rules before you know how to break them properly. All good artists learn and then set themselves free from the confines of structures and start creating work worth talking about. 

Evidenced by my list, it’s easy to get your hands on how to tell stories. Personally, I’ve found the ‘what stories should you tell?’ is where most writers, especially new ones, draw a blank. Oh, and by the way, in this article, the people I refer to as writers include those of you agonising over your next 280 character tweet to those of you inciting your memoirs. 

Whether engaged in small or monumental work, today, you are a writer. And as established from the onset, the story you tell in your writing is the big thing.

So precisely what stories should you tell?

Who Cares if I read it

Well, you know what, write whatever (minus expletives) story you like. 

Leave some things to the imagination or tell-all if you think it’s necessary. There certainly won’t be any judging over here. I can’t guarantee I’ll read it but definitely no judging. And who cares if I read it. You wrote it for your predetermined audience, right? Good because that’s what counts.

And so you have come to an end, champ. More tomorrow – hopefully! In the meantime, leave a link to your stories in the comments section if you like. All forms are welcome, from canny tweets to action-packed books. Whatever you want, however, please let them be of the PG kind – I’ve got a rep to protect, you know.

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