A quick content trick for small brands

If you’re a small brand with limited resources, I want to give you a quick content creation trick for fan growth.

Before I get into it, let me expound on my use of the words ‘limited resources’. Sure, it’s probably pretty obvious, but I want to explain a little.

A complete and consistent Content marketing plan requires a strategist, brand developer, graphic designer, videographer, and photographer. All of these people make it easier to deliver a fabulous content experience for your fans.

Here is the trick if you are a solopreneur wearing all of these hats, thus having limited resources. There’s only one you, and content marketing is a lot, so sometimes, nick stuff. Yes, go ahead and nick stuff. For the non-British people reading, nick stuff means steal stuff, and I’m being serious.

To make you create great content all of the time, find content from other established brands whose values and ethos align closely with yours and post that.

I use the term nick it loosely. Obviously, it would be best if you gave the source credit.

This way, you’ll have content that helps you keep telling your story. You’ll also be aligning yourself with brands that may have already established trust and authority, and your fans will be happy.

This trick is quick, easy and still gives your audience loads to digest.

Other than that, you can hire us, of course :).

Till next time Comrades.

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