Do we trust them?

Brands publish content on social media primarily to build a following. Well, that should be the focus. A lot of brands think social media is for selling stuff. It certainly helps, but the brands that do well take a different approach. They don’t try to sell stuff. They tell fantastic stories. Every day they create content that tells an authentic story.

I’ve seen the unlikeliest of brands joining in on the latest TikTok dance trend. But you don’t have to dance. I love the aesthetic videos brands do. I even dabble in those myself. They record days in their lives, commonly known as Vlogs. They share their special moments and smiles with friends, family, colleagues and clients, all captured by photographers. During live conversations, they provide life updates for their audiences. Whatever the delivery, the reason these brands do so well is the story. They focus on telling a captivating story. One that resonates, is memorable, and builds trust. Trust is the singular most important aspect of your social media marketing.

Whenever someone interacts with your content, they ask themselves whether they believe this brand. Do we like them? Ultimately, do we trust them? Your story is key to building trust. This is why brands will sit down and decide which story to tell that is remarkable enough for audiences to connect with them. What’s more, they show up telling that story daily.


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