How to be a Remarkable Brand

“But this is a remarkable egg, an egg worth talking about, an egg worth crossing the street for, an egg worth writing about.” – Seth Godin

Remarkability has little to do with having everything perfect or being successful. Remarkability is what you do right now. 

When beginning the process of building a brand on socials, many believe remarkability happens when you have a million fans. Contrarily, you have a million fans because you were remarkable. 

Just as Seth Godin puts it, you are remarkable because you are worth talking about, worth crossing the street for, worth writing about. 

However, don’t ever forget that the market gets to decide whether or not your brand is remarkable. Not you. That’s why, on social media, it’s incredibly important you knuckle down and listen to and figure out what the market wants. 

The trends are there to help us understand what the market wants. Once you figure out where the market is moving, use the trends as a framework to amplify your brand uniquely. I hope that makes sense.  

Remarkability is one of the few aspects of your brand that audiences care about. Remarkability is the goals, personality traits, values and opinions that your brand is not afraid to share with the audience. 

When you are remarkable, not only do you stand out, you resonate deeply with an audience who share the same values and desires. In essence, your brand becomes meaningful. And you’ll be so significant that they’ll be telling others about you. That’s word of mouth right there. 

By being remarkable in a unique but meaningful way, you’ll capture the audience’s attention for a sustained time.  

As marketers, we have no choice but to be remarkable if we want to be seen and remembered. And it begins when we decide to be our authentic self; that part of ourselves we criticise or hide away because it’s unusual. Why do we do that? Hiding our uniqueness is the last thing we should do in a crowded marketplace. Instead, we should take full advantage of what defines us to connect with a niche market.

On your subsequent work, have the guts to be authentic. Silence the inner critic; amplify the brand’s remarkability, see how it works, improve when needed. Once you hit the nail on the head, once it feels right, repeat it again and again for the audience who tell you they love it.

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