Nothing against Advertising

I have nothing against Advertising.

Companies with a healthy budget successfully advertise in strategic places.

They use advertising to introduce and remind consumers of their products.

However, consumers never seek out advertisements.

It is companies who show their advertisements to consumers, and ad attention received is passive and subconscious.

Don’t believe me? Ask anyone to recall the adverts they saw today.

There’ll be a few consumers who could take a wild guess – Coke, Nike, Adidas, that firm selling co-working hot desks?!?!?

But many would struggle to confirm with certainty which adverts they had seen.

This is not comforting news for new brands keen to be noticed and remembered.

Achieving brand recollection is why I encourage clients to place more emphasis on marketing.

Rather than the passivity of ad engagement, marketing is a collaborative effort where we seek to understand and serve consumers.

Also, as marketers, we work to build communities and support unique needs.

Within those communities, we should provide spaces for interaction with our brand and other community members.

It’s what consumers expect these days.

Marketing gives meaning to our product, and not just showcases it.

The community development approach also increases the likelihood of product recall for brand growth.

When we do meaningful work for consumers, we increase their desire for our product solutions.

In an upcoming lecture, I will share insights on creating and managing brand desire. To learn more, book here – Creating Desire for Fashion Brands.

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