3 Ways Brands Enrich Their Stories

3 Ways Brands Enrich Their Stories

We’ve been exploring how brands enrich their stories to not just catch the eye, but to truly captivate minds and drive sales. It’s fascinating to see how iconic brands understand the importance of emotional appeal to stay top of mind and become the preferred choice. These emotional ties are key in making a brand relevant, noticeable, and heard above the noise, in the long run.

So, what are the different ways we can achieve this and elevate our content?

Hyperbole in Action

Have you caught the latest Apple ad for the AirTag? I mentioned it in my previous article, but it’s worth another look as it’s a fantastic example of hyperbole. This technique is a favourite for how brands enrich their stories and capture attention.

Apple markets the AirTag as a “super easy way to keep track of your stuff.” The marketing wizards there took the universal frustration of misplacing keys and amplified it, creating an ad that’s both simple and impactful.

The hyperbolic nature of Apple’s ad makes the product unforgettable. Check out the AirTag Ad here.

Flipping the Script with Style

Thom Browne, the children’s designer, has a knack for turning concepts on their head in the most elegant and playful manner. His ad, which reverses the parent-child roles, is as entertaining for children as it is for adults.

The content, featuring kids facing tough days at the office while adults are being prepped for school, is not just relatable but also memorable, enhancing brand authenticity.

There’s more to discuss about hidden persuaders in advertising, and I’ll cover that in upcoming articles. For a deeper dive, check out Vance Packard’s book here.

Watch Thom Browne’s creative ad here.

Tapping into the Heart of Culture

My 15-year-old son, an avid X-Box player, hardly leaves his room on weekends. This gaming dedication is something Wendy’s cleverly capitalized on in their ‘Never Stop Gaming’ campaign. Recognizing that gamers, much like my son, dislike pausing their game even for meals, Wendy’s geared their campaign to resonate with this culture.

Through collaboration with pro streamers and a limited menu coupled with an Uber Eats scratch card, Wendy’s authentically engaged with the gaming world – a demographic likely to grab a burger during their gaming breaks.

Experience Wendy’s campaign here.

Remember, whether through hyperbole, a fresh perspective, or cultural insights, these are the ways brands enrich their stories, making them resonate with audiences.


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