Using Symbols to “Blow up” your brand

I don’t mean blow up your brand as though using symbols will annihilate it. I mean, grow your brand; bring more attention to the content that you share.

In a recent post, I used the word symbol to describe Kourtney Kardashian.

Symbols are what content creators use to create connections with their audience. They are signifiers that the audience can relate to.

So, despite critics of Kourtney’s representation as a sustainability ambassador (she regularly jets around the world contributing to the climate crisis), it’s a good move from the investors’ standpoint.

Boohoo’s target audience relates to Khortney at some level. They know her, relate to her family, follow them on socials and probably watch the Kardashians. She is familiar and memorable. Therefore using her as a Boohoo ambassador (or symbol) boosts the brand’s familiarity. Whenever they see Kourtney, they will also think of the brand.

Influencer marketing is one use of symbols, but there are other ways you can capitalise on their use in your content marketing. Take for example the models, scenery, language, logos and colours you use in your content. These symbols must be used appropriately to convey emotional significance to your target audience.

Use symbols to create meaning for your audience so that, on a subconscious level, they connect to your brand. And when it comes time to purchase, your brand is one they easily remember.

Richard Millington from is somebody from whom I learned about symbols many years back. He is an expert on community development. I’m sure he still shares knowledge and insight on this. Go check him out.

I will share insights on creating and managing brand desire in an upcoming lecture. To learn more, book here – Creating Brand Desire lecture.

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